The brand-new Hanwha SM471PLUS is a high-performance chip shooter that can fire components as small as 0402 (01005inch) chips and as large as 14mm IC components. Its placement speed has been increased from the existing SM471 model to 78,000 CPH and it uses two gantries with 10 spindles per head on each. It also includes a new fly camera system.


Is this versatile mounter what you’re seeking for? It has high speed, high precision, uses two gantries with ten spindle per head in each, and a new fly camera system. If yes, we would be delighted to present our products to you the HANWHA SM471 PLUS.

SMTlink encourages you not to hesitate to buy this Hanwha SM471 Plus because this model of Hanwha SM471Plus has up to 78,000 CPH, and this is the highest in the developed world for chip shooters of its class. Amazing isn’t it? reliable, and durable product that you can only buy from SMTlink.

The QFP chip is the most accurate in the world for chip shooters in its class and it can be used on parts as small as 0402 (01005inch) chips and as large as 14mm IC components. High-speed and high-precision electrical feeders are used to increase their actual production and placement quality. The Accuracy is 40m@3 per chip and 50m @3 per QFP, with an output of 78,000 CPH.




  • 78,000 CPH is the speed
  • The Structure is 10 Spindles/Head x 2 Gantries
  • Parts for equipment are 0402(01005′′)14mm (h12mm)
  • The Accuracy is 40 m@3 per chip and 50 m@3 per QFP
  • L510xW460(Standard)/L610xW460 for the PCB Dimensions (Option)






  • Model Name is HANWHA SM471 PLUS
  • Flying Alignment Vision
  • Spindle Count 10 Spindles x 2 Gantry
  • Positioning Speed 75,000 CPH (Optimum)
  • 50m@+3 Placement Accuracy (Based on the Standard Chips)
  • Chip Size: 0402 to 14mm (H: 12mm), IC, Connector: 0.4mm Lead Pitch, BGA, CSP (Ball Pitch 0.4mm)
  • Board dimensions (in millimeters): 50 x 40 mm, 510 x 460 mm, and 610 x 460 mm (Option)
  • Feeder Capacity 112ea (Docking Cart) / 120ea (Based on 8mm)Maximum power AC 200/208/220/240/380/415V (50/60Hz, 3Phase). 5.0kVA
  • Air Consumption 5–7kgf/cm2 at 0.5–0.7MPa
  • Mass Approx. 1,820kg
  • 1,650 (L) x 1,690 (D) x 1,485 (mm) are the external dimensions (H)


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Weight 1680 kg
Dimensions 1685 × 1580 × 1475 cm
Spindle Count

10 Spindles x 2 Gantry




50m@+3 Placement

Chip Size:

0402 to 14mm (H: 12mm)