What is SMT?

What is SMT?

What is SMT?

There are many people who understand SMD as SMT. The two can sometimes be mixed, but there are still differences in essence.

SMT: The abbreviation of Surface Mount Technology in English, which means surface mount welding (mounting) technology in Chinese, which is the technology of soldering electronic parts to the surface of the circuit board.

SMD: Abbreviation of Surface Mount Device in English, Surface Mount Device in Chinese, generally refers to electronic parts that can use SMT technology.

These two can be used as a metaphor for driving. The spare parts of the car can be understood as SMD, such as (doors, tires, etc.), and driving can be understood as SMT, and driving is a technology.

What is SMT, what does it do, and what is SMT?

Here is a professional explanation for you

Literally speaking, SMT is a technology for soldering electronic parts to the surface of a circuit board. SMT technology can greatly reduce the volume of electronic products and achieve the purpose of being lighter, thinner and shorter.

How does SMT solder electronic parts to circuit boards? The answer is solder paste (what are the types of solder paste in SMT processing, the basic understanding of storage and use environment-, as long as the solder paste is printed on the pads of the parts that need to be soldered, and then the electronic parts, solder feet are placed It should be placed just in the position of the solder paste, and the solder paste should be reflowed at high temperature. The high temperature in the furnace is higher than the melting point of the solder paste (not so high as to burn the electronic parts), and the high temperature of the furnace will melt the solder paste. The liquid solder paste will wrap the solder pins of the electronic parts. After the solder paste turns back to solid after passing through the cooling zone of the furnace, the electronic parts will be firmly welded on the circuit board.

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