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LS500 PCB Knife splitting cutting machine-SMTlink

Cutting circuit board sub-boards with components on both sides is a specialty of the LS500 knife-cutting machine. Production safety does not need to be a worry because the v-cut is applied at the bottom of the board as it is being cut. Dark discoloration and component damage, such as component bump damage, are avoided.

LS500 PCB Knife splitting cutting machine


Upper circular and lower straight knives are used in the design of the LS500 knife-cutting machine. The v-cut is applied at the bottom of the board when it is being cut. The circuit board does not move while using a straight knife, but the higher circular knife does move to cut the board; the stress is also quite low. Additionally, it successfully prevents bumps during the operation of circuit board sub-boards, hence preventing issues like dark injuries and component damage. appropriate for:

  • Avoiding PCB issues during sub-board operation, such as dark discoloration and component bump damage.
  • Safety: Production safety doesn’t need to be a concern because to double protection devices.
  • Simple to operate, requires no special expertise to utilize well.
  • Durability: The manufacturing uses high-quality materials and uses unique workmanship on tools and sensitive parts to make products more durable.
  • Knife stroke and motor speed may both be adjusted, and there is a counting feature. In comparison to aluminum substrates and other substrates, various glass fiber boards, FR-4 boards, FR-1 boards, etc., have a lower hardness.
  • This equipment is particularly well suited to PCB boards containing components on both sides.



The LINK-LS500 PCB Cutter Type Splitter is the designated model.

• Machine weight, about Dimensions: 800 mm LWH 450 mm 430

• Round knife size: 125mm, 30mm, and 3mm • 420mm, 65mm, and 6mm straight knife

• High-speed steel imported for tool material • 100W of power board thickness equipment per minute

• Air pressure used while working without sub-plate speed • 300-500mm/s (Speed characteristics)

• Sub-board length options range from 5mm to 400mm, working voltage 220V/110V

• 1 mm to 200 mm rich sub-boards are preferable (whole width 250mm)

• Useful board Glass PCB


  • Glass fiber board, fr-4 board, paper board, and other materials of various types may be cut with it;
  • PCB boards with components on both sides may be separated using it;
  • Segmentation with a knife, with a minimal amount of force